Everything You Need to Know about Beyblade Toys

Are you new to the world of Beyblades? Ever since its first release in 1999, Beyblade toy has quickly earned its popularity around the world and remains a sought-after game even to this day.

If you are curious to learn more about this fun and unique toy, keep reading to find out exactly what Beyblades are and how they are used!


Beyblade Toys: the Origin

If you have never encountered Beyblades, you probably didn’t have a preteen or teen child in the early 2000s. Released in 1999 in Japan, these toys quickly became one of the most popular toys around the world.


The original toy line was released with an accompanying TV series, which was likely responsible for the epic rise in popularity. In the TV show, a group of children manage to control the power of spirits from various constellations and use them in spinning tops that fight against the evil. In fact, the first season of the anime is available to watch on Netflix. It describes the story of Valt, a young blader, trying to reach the World League.


At around the same time, a Beyblade comic book was launched, along with a video game for Nintendo. A winning combination of the TV show, the comic strip, and a video game helped Beyblade toys to quickly take over the world.


To this day, these spinning tops remain popular, with numerous fans collecting and battling with the toy and even running entire tournaments.


What are Beyblades?

If you think about tops, the little spinning toys likely come to mind. Beyblades managed to give these traditional tops a completely new spin! These small whirling toys have been built to spin at very high speeds for a considerable amount of time. They are intended to “battle” each other, aiming to stop the competitor or even make it burst into pieces.


The name of the toy comes from the word “beigoma” - a traditional Japanese top made of cast metal. Beyblades in the modern form were first created by the Japanese company Takara Tomy. More advanced s consist of a number of interchangeable parts that can be customized in numerous ways to create a personalized toy.


The Basics of Beyblades

More advanced tops consist of five parts:

  1. An energy ring
  2. A face bolt
  3. A spin track
  4. A fusion wheel
  5. A performance tip

A face bolt is what holds the toy together. The toys are meant to be used with special Beyblade launchers that get them spinning and send them into the battle. In addition, every toy comes with a number of features, such as designs and colour combinations.


Beyblade Battle

Beyblades are made to compete against other toys in battles in a special stadium. This is a round bowl-shaped arena made out of plastic, which lets the top spin in an enclosed area until one of the toys stops and loses the competition.


There are two main types of matches or battles:

  • Traditional Battle. During a competition, a battling top, which makes the competitor spin out of the stadium or stop altogether, scores a point. The first player who manages to reach seven points wins the battle. If one top causes the other one to burst into three pieces, it is called a “Beyblade burst”, which brings two points to its owner.


  • Battle Royale. In a Battle Royale, more than two players compete at the same time. The last Beyblade to stay in the stadium is pronounced a winner.


Part of the tactic to win a battle or tournament involves the way in which the toy is launched. There exist multiple launching methods, including various launch angles. Each of them provides different results, such as attack, dodge, or outspin an opponent. These different launch methods could be a part of the competitor’s strategy and technique.


Are Beyblades Still Popular?

Even to this day, this game remains popular, as the first generation of fans has now reached an age to pass the toys along to their children. Throughout the year, Beyblade toy tournaments are still conducted around the world; one example is an annual Beyblade burst world championships.


Beyblade toys are expected to remain popular for many years to come. It is a great way to encourage children and teenagers to have fun outside of their cellphones. These toys are competitive, collectible, and inexpensive, making them a great choice for even adult fans.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Beyblades based on?

Beyblade toys are based on a traditional spinning top for children. The name comes from a Japanese word “Beigoma”, which describes a traditional top.


How fast do Beyblades spin?

The original RPM was 75000, but Battle Strikers spin at 6000 RPM. They do not spin very long, however, due to the materials they are made from and their weight.


What are the 4 types of Beyblades?


There are four categories of spinning tops to choose from:

  1. Stamina
  2. Balance
  3. Attack
  4. Defense


Is there any skill in Beyblade?

Yes, it requires a certain level of technique and strategy, as well as knowledge of science concepts. Beyblading also encourages the development of social skills, strategizing, and cognition, and improves motor skills.


What are Beyblades made of?

The original spinning tops developed by Tomy were made of a combination of plastic and metal. The Basic System Beyblades were made entirely of plastic, except metal weight disk and tips. Other types of the toy can be made of stronger, tougher polycarbonate or nearly entirely of metal.


Take Spinning Tops to the Next Level

Seemingly children’s entertainment, Beyblade toys have managed to get millions of fans of all ages around the world, and not without a reason.


Whether you are looking for some off-the-screen activities for your son or daughter, or are looking to try various launching techniques and battle strategies, give these battling tops a try!